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10 October 2018

Noah’s Ark Cobham Close

We have been exploring our Five Senses at Noah’s Ark Cobham Close this week. The week started off on Monday with Hearing sounds; the children listened to many familiar sounds and identified them while playing a board game in pairs. There were squeals of laughter as they identified the sounds of a loo flushing and a powerful sneeze! On Tuesday it was Sight and the children made binoculars, which they decorated with stickers and feathers, then enthusiastically took them to the outside area to spot wild birds! The binoculars soon became the focal point of many imaginative games as the children looked up to the sky with their binoculars and exclaimed ‘A storm is coming!’ So they all rushed into the den – how wonderful that a piece of rolled up card can spark so much imagination and interactive fun together! On Wednesday the Feely Box came out and the children bravely took turns to Touch an object, describe its texture and guess the object e.g. the pine cone felt prickly, the felt soft, the stone smooth and the sandpaper rough like mummy’s feet! On Thursday the children took a blindfolded Taste test; the sugar tasted sweet, the crisps salty and the lemon juice sour. All the children deserved their special stamp for identifying all the different tastes blindfolded! On Friday it was time to Smell herbs and flowers, such as rosemary and lavender! The children have definitely enjoyed learning about and using all their Senses this week and what a wonderful way to finish the All About Me topic!

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