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17 October 2018

Noah’s Ark Cobham Close

V&A Museum of Childhood

On Tuesday 9th October Noah’s Ark Cobham Close arrived at the V&A Museum of Childhood. It was a beautiful sunny Autumn day and the children were very excited as they assembled together in the Museum gardens with their special adult; mum, dad, grandparent or nanny. The day started with a special book being read out aloud on a smart board, ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ by David Lucas. The children were captivated by the adventures of Bunting, the old toy cat, who when the lights go out in the Toy Museum finds himself all alone and follows the trail of clues through the museum to find his friends. After the story the children were allowed to play with different toys from past and present childhoods set up on various tables in groups of four; they enjoyed going round the room trying all the different games. There were teddy bears having a picnic using a beautiful tin tea set, a magnetic puppet theatre where they acted out familiar tales such as ‘The Three Little Pigs’, wooden building blocks, trains and dolls’ houses. The children interacted very well together and were sad to leave when it was time to meet up with their adult again to go and explore the museum. They explored all the areas of the museum, amongst the favourites were the train set where if you added 20p the trains would come to life and chug along the tracks around a model village, the robot who moved different parts of his body by carefully matching the cogwheels together, the sandpit and the rocking horse. After a picnic lunch in the bright dining room downstairs, where exciting stories were swapped and parents chatted happily together, it was time to go home. I am sure the children will treasure the memories they made on a special outing to a museum which celebrates what one might argue is the best time in a person’s life and the one most relevant to them – childhood!

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