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23 November 2018

Noah’s Ark Cobham Close

The children at Noah’s Ark Nursery, Cobham Close have been getting up close to nature on their weekly nature walks! On the first nature walk the children walked to Wandsworth Common wearing their high vis jackets and the teachers brought a tray with magnifying glasses and a mat to sit down on together in the woods. The children gathered together and were told to find small sticks to search carefully among the Autumn leaves for Minibeasts; with great excitement they looked with their sticks and found worms and centipedes and used the magnifying glasses to inspect them in detail. A teacher then turned over a log and minibeasts scattered in all directions! They managed to catch the slow snail and add her to the centipedes and worms in the tray. It was then time to go back to nursery, where the children practised their fine motor skills as they drew the minibeasts in the tray in their classrooms. The second nature walk’s focus was on picking leaves from the trees to give ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ some food. Back in the wood area of the common the children picked the different coloured and shaped leaves and brought them back to nursery to use for their craft work based on one of their favourite stories by Eric Carle, ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. On the way back to nursery the children spotted a curious squirrel, who seemed to be following them, jumping from branch to branch and tree to tree all the way back to nursery! What a wonderful way to learn, immersed in nature. The children are all looking forward to learning on their next forest adventure!

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