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29 January 2019

Noah’s Ark Cobham Close

Mothers’ Morning

On 23rd January the children walked into nursery with beaming smiles, holding tightly onto their mummies’ hand, as today mummy was staying at nursery and being proudly welcomed into their classrooms. After following the children’s instructions on where to sit the morning began with decorating a beautiful plaque with a special poem. The children chose from a variety of resources such as shiny, red hearts, wooden flowers and coloured foam shapes to decorate the plaque. The mummies watched proudly as the children used their glue sticks with skill to decorate the plaque. Once finished they led their mummy to all the different areas where they like to play; the soft blue playdough proved very popular and having just finished the “Winter” theme, there were many jolly snowmen being made with mummy. Mothers’ Morning was also a chance for the mummies to have a chat with their child’s teacher and ask questions, such as where they could buy glue sticks to use at home and the recipe for the perfect playdough. As the special morning came to a close and it was time for all the mummies to go down to the church for a refreshing cup of coffee, the children returned to their routines and they all agreed that the morning had been full of fun and excitement and that the poem on the plaque, “My mummy she’s the best, from her head down to her toes. She’s warm and she is soft, smelling sweet just like a rose” described each of their mummies perfectly!

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