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22 May 2019

Noah’s Ark Cobham Close


There has been much excitement and anticipation at Noah’s Ark Cobham Close over the last few weeks as a special gift arrived in the Summer Term – a package containing real live caterpillars in a jar filled with their food! The children have been coming to nursery and heading straight to the caterpillars to watch them grow and turn into cocoons! The children have learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly and seeing it come to life at nursery has undoubtedly reinforced their learning. They admired the cocoons hanging in the special net and were thrilled as the butterflies hatched one by one and flew around the net, demonstrating their beautiful coloured wings!

On Friday 17th May the whole nursery walked over to Wandsworth Common, where the teachers led the children to a special landscaped area with flowers and trees and asked the children if this was a suitable place for their butterflies to live in. They all agreed the butterflies would be happy there and as the teachers explained that the butterflies would always stay close to where they are released, they happily chatted about coming over to see them on their way to and from nursery. They watched with pride as the butterflies they had grown in nursery flew freely out of the net to be reunited with nature!

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