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7 October 2019

Noah’s Ark Cobham Close

Our Five Senses

The children at Noah’s Ark Cobham Close have spent the week discovering their five senses. On Monday sight was explored by making binoculars; the children were really proud to use their own binoculars in the outside area to do a spot of birdwatching! On Tuesday the feely box was filled with different textures for their sense of touch – the children guessed they were feeling a conker by touching its hard and shiny surface and were amazed at how clever they could be, to know what they were touching without looking at it! On Wednesday, when we explored our senses of taste and smell, the children had fun being blindfolded and tasting sweet sugar and sour lemon juice, to name a few, and trying to guess what they were tasting. Not surprisingly sugar was guessed quite easily while lemon and ginger powder produced some funny faces! They also smelt herbs such as rosemary and sage. On Thursday they used their last sense of hearing to identify various everyday sounds; their ears are working wonderfully as one of the youngest children even heard and identified a violin! What a wonderful week celebrating our five senses!


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