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27 January 2020

Noah’s Ark Cobham Close

Fathers’ Morning

On Thursday 7th November the children at Noah’s Ark Cobham Close welcomed their daddy or special visitor to their classroom. Many held their daddy’s large hand tightly as they beamed with delight while showing him where to sit. The day started with decorating a picture frame and having a cuddle while taking a special photograph with daddy. Then it was time for baking! The children showed their special visitors their cooking skills as they mixed the ingredients to make a ball of dough. Then each child, with their daddy or special guest, used a rolling pin to roll out their ball of dough and used a cutter to make a gingerbread man like the traditional tale, one of their favourite stories!

What a special morning and how excited the children were at the end of the morning to bring their biscuits home to show daddy the cooked gingerbread man safely in their bags – he couldn’t run away like in the story…..… yummy!

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