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6 February 2020

Noah’s Ark Cobham Close

Super Science!

Every Wednesday a special visitor comes in (Paul dressed in a science coat!) and we undertake a science experiment. During the experiments we try to find out ‘what makes things work’ as Eva-Belle said, and why things happen. So far we have arranged skittles on a plate and poured water on to watch them ‘dissolve’ and see the colours mix on the plate. Then we found out that when we heat things up, often they change and become bigger. We showed this by cooking our own prawn crackers and seeing the difference between the cooked and uncooked prawn cracker. Of course we ate them afterwards! Finally, this week we made raisins dance. We put some raisins in clear cups and poured lemonade in, and to our amazement they danced up and down! After looking very carefully we saw that the bubbles were lifting the raisins up, then when they reached the top, the bubbles popped and the raisins sank back down! All the children have really enjoyed trying to find out how our experiments have worked and have been really interested in the changes they have seen.

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