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10 July 2019

Noah’s Ark Westside

What a fabulous time we had at Bocketts Farm; the sun came out (the first time it hasn’t rained for three years!) and there were smiles all around. Our day began with an animal handling session, where the children observed a goat being milked, and learned how to use one finger to carefully stroke a chicken, rabbit and guinea pig. It was lovely to see how confident the children were, especially around the goat, who was extremely big and friendly! We then enjoyed visiting the animals in the Big Barn, feeding some very hungry lambs. We also got to see the sheep being shorn- just in time for the hot weather! This was followed by a bumpy tractor ride around the fields where we saw ponies and sheep and if you looked really hard you could even spy London! Next came lunch and finally one of the highlights was the Pig Race; it was all very exciting, and we all cheered for a different coloured pig. It was a close call but the red piglet came in first, getting to the prize of being first to the lunch trough!

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